After all, the world is being produced collectively, across the borders of time and geography as well as across the boundaries of the individual.

Echoes of the Future - Interventions at Biosphäre Potsdam

curated by Tuce Erel, with Jenny Alten, Patricia Detmering, Swaantje Güntzel, Udo Koloska, Käthe Wenzel, Cécile Wesolowski

Biosphäre Potsdam
Mai 18 - August 30, 2024
Georg-Hermann-Allee 99
14469 Potsdam

Echos der Zukunft

Urban Echoes - A Dialog with the City

Design for the Facade of Mierendorff Primary in Berlin-Charlottenburg
first place in the competition of Bezirks Charlottenburg
to be realized 2024/25

Hidden Colours – Inkmaking with Plants in the Urbanspace

July 13/14, 2024
at Art Laboratory Berlin
Prinzenallee 34, 13359 Berlin

Art Laboratory Berlin

Colour Topographies. On Site-specific Colours and Urban Collecting

August 30 - September 28, 2024
im Art Laboratory Berlin
Prinzenallee 34, 13359 Berlin

Art Laboratory Berlin

Future M: Migration as Skill

Opening and artist's talk with Tuce Erel
PASAJ Independent Art Space @ Barin Han
February 15 - March 24, 2024
Boyaci Ahmet Sokak 4
Binbirdirek, Fatih, Istanbul PASAJ

Creatures of Future/Past: a Bone Costumes Wardrobe

Kaethe Wenzel and Roberta Buiani
TTT - Taboo - Transgression in Art and Science
September 27-29, 2023
Malta Art Society
Palazzo de la Salle, 219 Republic Street, Valletta

Malta Art Society

Brennstoff / the planet has a funny way of stopping a fight

August 6 - September 24, 2023
Städtische Galerie im Park Viersen und im Hohen Busch

Städtische Galerie im Park Viersen

Plant Encounters: Sites of Vegetal Life

Käthe Wenzel, Susanne Schmitt, Alice Cannava, Lisa Bell Weisdorf

Matter of Flux Festival
June 15-18, 2023, 10:30-12:45
Prinzenallee 34, 13359 Berlin

Bone Hill - a new Sculpture on the cloister green

June 3, 15:00, inside and out
DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Klosterstr. 10, 48477 Hörstel

DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst

Darwin's Paradox: A Decade of Bio Art

28. September-17. Oktober
SVA Flat Iron Gallery
141 W 21st St, New York

Kunst am Rand - Art on the Edge

June 12 - September 25
City of Münster, Münster-Kinderhaus

Kunst am Rand


March 12 – April 18, 2022 • Langenzersdorf Museum, Langenzersdorf
May 6 – May 21, 2022 • Stadtkeller, Neulengbach
July 30 –August 21, 2022 • Museum St. Peter an der Sperr, Wiener Neustadt
September 10 – September 18, 2022 • Gemeindeamt, Yspertal
October 2 – October 26, 2022 • Zeitbrücke Museum, Gars am Kamp


Tierliche Zukünfte

Jessica Ullrich (ed.):Tierstudien 21/2022
neofelis Verlag Berlin

Artificio. Simulaciones, Exploraciones y Encuentros entre Arte y Ciencia.

ab 21. Oktober
Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Sta Marta
Museo de Arte de la Universidad del Magdalena, Sta Marta, Colombia

Leviathan - a Beastiarium for the Capitalocene

July 8 - 25 2021, Thur - Sun 3-8 p.m.
top transdisciplinary project space
Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

top e.V.

Stress Tests - as part of "Bildungsschock""

May 27 - July 11, 2021 & online
STREET COLLEGE and Haus der Kulturen der Welt
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, 10557 Berlin

Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Swarms, Robots, and Postnature

April 30, 2021 - June 27, 2021
Sofia Crespo, So Kanno, Käthe Wenzel
at Art Laboratory Berlin
Prinzenallee 34, 13359 Berlin

Art Laboratory Berlin

100 parking lots for SciFi-Prototypes

Summer 2021
on the parking lot in front of the OSl and HEL buildings
European University Flensburg

CV Machine - a translation device

Senior Fellow 2020-21
am IFK Wien/Kunstuniversität Linz
Reichsratstr. 17, 1010 Wien


Street Signs into the Future

October 20 - December 20, 2020
SciFi Prototypes in Flensburg: Campus - city - Museum

with Europa-Universität Flensburg and modul 1
Kulturbüro Flensburg
Museumsberg Flensburg

SciFi Prototypes for a Manifesting Future

a Corona Mail-Art Projekt: Installation in an Envelope

2020 - ongoing
with Gallery Artlink, Seoul, Süd-Korea; Galéria 1834, Maputo, Mosambik; Museumsberg Flensburg; Städtische Galerie Viersen; Cheonan Foundation for the Arts, Cheonan, Süd-Korea; Wasserschloss Reelkirchen

One More Corona project

April 2020 - ongoing
decentralised performance

FUTURE M in Istanbul

Interviews and animations about migration + methods of arrival

postponed due to the pandemic

PASAJ Independent Art Space

Käthe Wenzel: The public, humour and parody. In discussion with curator Eva Bentcheva

February 2020, 6-8 p.m.
LWL Museum Münster
Domplatz 10, 48143 Münster

LWL Museum of Art and Culture

Käthe Wenzel: Drawing Intervention and Workshop at the German Historical Museum

January, April 17-30
Deutsches Historisches Museum
Unter den Linden 2, 10117 Berlin

German Historical Museum

Museum Goes Street ART

October 19-20, 2019, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Museumberg Flensburg

Museumsberg Flensburg

New York-upon-Lamme

Ongoing Mapping Project 2012-2019
May 25-31
Kunstverein Bad Salzdetfurth
Teichstraße 15, 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth

New York upon Lamme

book presentation:Kaethe Wenzel: Mixed Systems

April 14, 2019, 4 p.m.
Galerie Whiteconcepts
Auguststraße 35, 10119 Berlin

Whiteconcepts Gallery