draw and speak


drawing and speaking about places:

participatory social cartoon mapping

Interview and Drawing

Speaking and drawing - developing drawings and ideas in conversation:

What is important for you about your city, your local river, your museum? What are your ideas for the city, the museum, the town of the future? What are your wishes, your dreams for it? What would you like to change here and now?

Results can be published as a map on the internet, displaying quotations and drawings - linking ideas and drawings them back to the place in question.

Water Ways in Steinfurt

Sketches developed during interviews with locals and the administration along the waterways in the county of Steinfurt are published on a map on the internet together with quotations from the participants.

Water Ways: Hiking Track

A hiking track with signs or stickers with QR codes links the images back to the landscape: Parallel visions for where you are standing can be downloaded by mobile phone for a comparison between reality and possiblity.

Grant KunstKommmunikation DA Kunsthaus Gravenhorst.2012

Berlin Museum of Technology:
How do you imagine the museum of the future?

- that's what Kaethe Wenzel askeded visitors at the Berlin Museum of Technology. She has translated the answers into drawings which are now part of an interactive internet panorama.

The "Images of Tomorrow" are on display open air at the "Ladestra´┐Że" - where the future Museum of Technology is under construction.

“An airplane cockpit would be interesting. I know those only from films. There are 300 buttons´┐Ż maybe with an explanation what all the buttons are for. The best would be if the whole thing were a flight simulator. Not like the ones you know, those with a joystick, but a real cockpit where you can sit inside.”

- Christian

Oldenburg City Museum:
The Future of the Past

The 8-meter-drawing is based on interviews with Oldenburgers aged between 6 and 70. Their wishes and visions for the future of the Town museum are visualized in one big drawing. A project for the centenary of Oldenburg Town Museum.

29. 11. 2014 - 22. 2. 2015